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Quality and Purity

At Longevir, we don't just manufacture supplements; we craft a legacy of health and longevity. As Europe's premier NMN manufacturer, we've set an unyielding standard in the realm of anti-aging solutions. Our mission resonates through every granule of our NMN products – pure, potent, and poised to redefine wellness.

Unwavering Commitment to Purity

In a world where purity can't be compromised, our NMN products stand as a testament to our commitment. Sourced with meticulous care, each batch of our NMN undergoes rigorous third-party testing, ensuring it's free from heavy metals and impurities. Our promise is simple – deliver NMN that's as pure as your health aspirations.

Latest purity lab result for NMN powder – GKLT-0169-FC (07.10.2023)

Quality: The Longevir Benchmark

Quality at Longevir is not a claim; it's a tangible experience. From research and development to final production, our NMN supplements are crafted under the strictest Good Manufacturing Practices. We blend cutting-edge science with the finest raw materials, ensuring every capsule you hold is a beacon of unparalleled quality.