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Your Trusted Local #1 NMN Manufacturer and Supplier in Europe

Unmatched purity

We provide high-purity 99% bulk NMN powder and capsules manufactured under the highest GMP “Good Manufacturing Practice” standards.

Local success partner

We are the first NMN supplier in Europe. Giving our partners a sustainable and accessible supply of pure NMN to meet their business scale and market size.

Consumer loyalty

We help your NMN brand achieve the highest customer lifetime value. You gain a loyal consumer from the first purchase with result-proven NMN products.

Looking for premium NMN supplements in Europe?

Your brand success requires high-quality, third-part tested and proven white-label products that experts and consumers trust. We are here to provide all the pillars of success to your brand with our NMN supplement manufacturing power.

Why chose Longevir™?

We care about the consumer and the end user’s results. We develop our NMN supplements with eye on the actual clinical benefits to the consumer. Which helps your brand perform way beyond the first sale.

Potential NMN benefits

Product shelf-life durability and ingredients stability

We apply the highest Good manufacturing practice guidelines to provide NMN supplements with guaranteed stability against physical decomposition. Therefore, protect your brand against pharmaceutical product recalls.

Longevir European Leading NMN manufacturer
NMN capsules manufacturer from europe

Highest quality NMN made from enzymes

We believe in providing only the best for our customers. That’s why our NMN is not only manufactured in Europe, but also made from enzymes rather than chemicals. This sets us apart from other NMN manufacturers who may rely on synthetic chemicals in their production process. The use of enzymes results in a more natural, pure and effective product that provides the benefits of NMN without the risk of harmful side effects. Our customers can trust that our NMN is of the highest quality and made with their health and wellness in mind.

Longevir™ is the trusted NMN Supplier for:

Environmental friendly

We ensure our entire manufacturing process is environmentally sustainable with minimal greenhouse gas emissions. We achieve that by ensuring our Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients have a low carbon footprint from the raw material stage to the final product delivery.