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About us

Longevir® is a global NMN manufacturer and supplier. Our position as the first NMN manufacturer in Europe has allowed us to become a trusted provider of anti-aging and longevity supplement and cosmetic solutions for top brands. Our expertise and dedication to delivering high-quality products have made us a trusted partner in the global B2B market.

Our Mission

"To be the success partner and the first choice to market leading NMN supplements brands in Europe."

As a leading NMN manufacturer and supplier in Europe, we take pride in offering our partners highest-purity, quality-assured anti-aging NMN products. Our products are designed to equip our partners with the essential components for creating successful supplements and cosmetics that drive exponential growth and foster consumer trust. With a commitment to quality and excellence, we are the first choice for our valued partners.

Our Vision

"To raise the standards of quality in manufacturing and the efficiency of distribution in the anti-aging supplements market."

We aim to provide unmatched quality NMN supplements to the market to ensure our partners have a stand-out product with unique characteristics that give them a significant competitive edge in their market. We achieve that by applying the highest “Good Manufacturing Practice” guidelines in our manufacturing line.

We support our pure ingredients with the most potent supplement capsule delivery system, the gastro-resistant capsule formula. Which protects the active NMN ingredients against breakdown in the stomach by gastric acid. While providing the highest bioavailability of supplements in the body by enhancing the absorption of the active ingredients.

Our core values

"Quality, purity, and environmental sustainability"

Quality is the main non-negotiable value in our business. Starting from research & development to manufacturing and distribution. We ensure applying the highest quality in every step of the production of our supplements. We source companies with NMN supplements that doctors and consumers trust. We provide 3rd party testing to our supplements to ensure purity and the absence of heavy metals. We cover your business with sustainable sourcing with NMN supplements that meet your business operation scale and market size.